Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Back from Opmeer

Party at Rogues Almere

Testing my new baby!

Beers amazing home!

Marcos new bike!

Having fun in Beers an Els house with Robert from the Chopperkingz! 

Testing the bench at Rogues Opmeer!

 Rogues, Chopperkingz and Gammlers!

Big thanks to RMC Opmeer and Almere an specially to Beer an Els for hosting us the whole WE.
I was great to see Robert again an meet Flathead Mick

Some pics stolen from Facebook an the Rogues blog

Friday, November 21, 2014

Opmeer we're comin'.......

Marco an I are leaving to pick up our "new" bikes we buy from Beer an having a nice Week End with our friend from Rogues MC

Beer and Kelly thanks for cleaning my new Chopper, I think it will never be as clean as now.

As I read on the Rogues blog our dutch friends from the Chopperkingz will also be in Opmeer! I cannot wait to leave!